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What’s your angle?

Today hurricane Irene is hitting Boston, that means a lot of youtube in the morning, on my new $99 Hp Touchpad 🙂 Came across a TED talk Best TED Talk Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock, the make of Super Size … Continue reading

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Details Matter

What separates the Great from the Good? May it be entrepreneurial ventures, athletic performances, artistic feats, social interactions and consumer products, there always seems to be a thin but huge barrier separating the top 20% from the rest (Pareto principle at … Continue reading

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Peto’s Paradox

Cancer happens when cell divisions go wrong and cells start multiplying uncontrollably, damaging the surrounding tissues. Induction suggests that cancer should be more common in larger animals such as whales, for example, since they require more cell divisions. However, according … Continue reading

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