The Most Essential Form of Power

You are a man. A man is a survivor, a hunter, a protector of loved ones. The essence of manliness is controlled power. Power over the environment, over nature, over other people – and good judgment in its use. That is what women love and what other men respect. Women, most of them anyway, are unable to use force and must rely on men where force is required. The capacity for use of force is a big part of what a man brings to the table – not in any practical terms, but in terms of how our primitive instincts perceive the value in other people. If you lack the ability to kill other people with your bare hands, you will be perceived as if something is missing from your manliness.

You will not be someone a woman can feel safe with. You will be as useless in an emergency as the woman herself. I’m not saying you should risk your life for a woman – chivalry is dead and buried – but having the ability substantially raises the value she instinctively perceives you to have. Which, as we know, leads to all manner of good things.

The respect of other men is also greatly influenced by your killing ability. Up until graduation from high school, the male social hierarchy has a great deal to do with “who can beat up whom”, and although the hierarchy among adult men is more dependent on social and professional status signals, men never stop instinctively evaluating you by what they perceive your killing ability to be, and respecting or disrespecting you accordingly.

If there is a “defining” degree of killing ability that makes you “manly”, it is defined by comparison with the female of the species. Unwritten social rules prohibiting use of force against women are predicated on the assumption that a woman has no chance in a physical confrontation with a man. Hence, you are seen as “manly” when your ability so exceeds the ability of a woman that she can be said to have no chance against you. If a woman can challenge you, you don’t make the cut.

In these dismal times, men who fall short of this line are not terribly rare. Many of the emaciated hipsters and cubicle-dwellers of our generation would have trouble against a Juanita from a rougher neighborhood. These men, due to their lack of killing ability, are seen as unmanly by both men and women. They are not taken seriously – they are made sport of, and neither men nor women think of pissing them off as anything to be concerned about. Their own wives and girlfriends annoy them for entertainment. If they lose their temper, so what? They can’t do anything. Their feelings are inconsequential.

The ability to kill makes your feelings relevant. If you lose your temper, someone dies.

This of course implies good things about you – the fact that you aren’t in jail right now means that you are a man in control of his emotions. A man who never loses his temper. Everyone around you subconsciously understands this and respects you for it. It lets people know they can trust you.

Women, especially, like to test men. This testing can, as mentioned above, take the form of deliberately and purposefully annoying you and trying to make you flip your shit. With some women, it’s like they want you to lose it and attack them – and maybe some of them do. If they think it’ll help them get a better divorce settlement by claiming domestic abuse etc., maybe they do really want to provoke an attack.

An increase in your killing ability changes that dynamic. A woman who knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that she will have less than three seconds to live from the second she makes you lose your temper is not going to set out to intentionally poke and prod you past your breaking point. It goes without saying that before you reach this level of killing ability, you must develop the willpower to make absolutely sure that you never ever lose your temper – because the risks are now much greater. Before, you might flip out for a couple of seconds and not cause much harm, but if you flip out now, you are definitely going to jail for a long time. With great power comes great responsibility.

But great rewards also come. When you get to the point where other, regular men start falling into the women’s category – where they have no chance against you and know it – you will be afforded a completely unprecedented kind of respect. Men are generally prepared to physically confront other men, and their behavior tends to be accordingly inconsiderate. The consideration other men will start to give you when they are no longer prepared to physically confront you changes your entire social presence.

You become something akin to a boss or dignitary. That guy whose good side people want to be on. Head of the pack. The Man. The alpha male of the group.

When you are The Man, everyone around takes note. It is a form of celebrity. Women gravitate to you, pulled by the invisible streams of attention, respect and deference which we all subconsciously sense in any social situation.

And as a bonus – if you ever do get into a self-defense situation, you’ll know how to handle yourself.

Navy SEALs are badasses


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