New Year Resolutions?

I have only occasionally written down a list of New Year Resolutions in the past, and I usually lose the damned piece of paper, or delete the text file since it wasn’t saved in a useful folder on my computer.

My close friends sometimes tell me I’m too capricious goal-setting, changing my life’s dream, or even the 5-months plan every two weeks.


Hell no.

I always thought that the New Year’s Resolutions, for most people, is just a defense mechanism to make themselves feel better by pretending that they’re going to change. In reality, there is no difference between the 1/1 and the 7/12 of each year other than the weather.

My changing bi-weekly set of goals might be more optimal: as new information surfaces, I decide something might not be so practical after all. My broken leg makes it impossible for me to be a Sea Shephard cruising through the Antarctica in the summer, looking at that item in my lost resolution list now would just make me sad.

Despite all my changing goals, however, a few common themes emerge and I would like to use the New Year as a chance to forget my mistakes. Because to succeed in life, “sometimes it’s more important to let go of failures than to hold on to your victories”. 

This is the true meaning of the New Year Resolutions.

And less importantly, my “Resolutions”

  • More willpower, being able to follow through a project/self-improvement goal more.
  • Talk less and more concisely. Listen and observe more.
  • Curb my ego and pride, “expand the pie”.
  • Not breaking anything in my body.
  • Be fearless, most things in life do not hurt as much as breaking a leg.
  • Learn to play two songs on guitar.

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I have a lot of thoughts. Some of them I'd like to share.
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