Week 2 Recovery

To obtain speedy recovery, I designed a set of workout that would help with my ankle and knee range of motion (ROM),  build stamina and technique for using crutches, leg strength recovery, upper body strength, and general fitness.

Icing, elevation, and pain relief are interspersed to avoid over-training.

Workout Routine:


  • 2x crutching: start circulation and loose the body after a night of elevating my leg.
  • 5×10 leg raises: lift bad leg up to a chair, then back down to ground, foot making full contact. Exercises both the ankle and knee ROM, allows slight weight to be put onto the bad leg.
  • 2×30 sec ankle circle: improves ankle ROM.
  • 3×20 push-ups: roll from back to stomach. Push-up with only the good leg while lifting the bad one. Strengthens and stretches the back and core. Can shift weight slightly to the bad leg to recover strength.
  • 3×10 hamstring-raises: lying on stomach, rotate the bad shin around the knee as much as I can. Improves knee ROM.
  • Ice for 15-20 min.


  • 10x crutching: Improves coordination using crutches, stamina, and endurance of the bad leg with swelling.
  • 5×10 leg raises
  • 10x {bicep curls, hammer curls, curl & press, bicep curls, hammer curls} *Note 1
  • 2×20 dips using a chair with feet on the ground, can put some weight on the bad leg.
  • 50x Crunches, 2×25 In & Outs, 50x Heel touches, 50x Side Heel touches (both sides) *Note2
  • 3×20 push-ups
  • Warm down: 1x crutching, 15 leg raises
  • Stretch: 30 sec hold reaching for toe.
  • 30 sec leg elevation

Shower after Night workout: Water alternate between warm and cold to decrease swelling and improve circulation. Tylenol or painkiller right afterwards to avoid fatigue-related pain.

*Note 1: The arm exercises are done sitting down, alternating with leg raises. They provide a chance for the leg’s swelling to lessen between leg raises (in addition to improving arm strength). Further, during these exercises, more blood’s pumped to the upper body, lessening the swelling of the bad leg.

*Note 2: The crunches are good because it requires the legs to be elevated. In & Outs requires lifting the legs while rotating around the knee, thus improving both knee strength and ROM. The other exercises require bent knees, improving the ROM.


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