Week 2 Result

I’ve seen some pretty good improvements from the past week, especially the ROM of the joints. I can now:

  • Move my foot around a small circle (ankle ROM).
  • Bend my knee all the way.
  • Crutch around 20 blocks in about 30 minutes.
  • Roll around (without my leg falling apart) and even do push-ups again!

Building up the stamina and techniques for effectively crutching is pretty fun and exhausting. I like to think of it like rowing (in fact, I would tell myself to do a “Power 50” before resting for a bit). To move effectively, I have to monitor the distance per jump and the cadence. How far I extend the two crutches in front of me before launching myself into the air determines how far I travel per jump, but also has positive correlation with the overall cadence needed to maintain balance.

The only ROM problem I have now is extending my leg all the way. I suspect the two nails in my knee and the scar tissues around them impede normal joint motion and prevents the hamstring from pulling the knee and the shin.

Both my fibula and tibia broke. However, only the bigger tibia has been secured to the titanium rod. The smaller fibula (outside of the shin), are left in its 3 pieces…buried inside my calf. The doc painted a very hand-wavy picture describing the healing process of the fibula as “eventually the pieces come into contact and attach to each other”, which does not reassure the cracking sensation every time I contract my calf.

I can also do some weight-bearing, mainly for balance. NICE! The swelling has also gone done quiet a bit. I also learned showering cold water is much faster and more comfortable than ice for decreasing swelling post-workout.



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