Shit my siblings say…

I have a younger brother and sister, both my half siblings. They are 14, and 16 years younger than me, respectively. So far I’ve felt more like an uncle to them, being so much older, wiser and awesome. We haven’t really talked, because…they don’t really make sense yet, until recently. Some of the things they say are hilarious:


Today at dinner, my parents and I were discussing how my brother goes through a pair of pants within a month, because how he likes to sit/slide/play on the ground. I told him “only losers play on the ground, winners stand over the losers”.

“You broke your lag when fell, does that mean you’re a big loser?”

Touche, lil’ bro, touche!


Brother jumping from couch to couch…

Me: It’s too far for you, you’re gonna fall and break your leg.

Bro: That would be so awesome! I can stay home and play on the computer all day!



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