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Some VLSI verification interview questions.

1) What is cache? Explain the difference between direct-mapped and N-way associative cache. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 2) What is DMA? (direct memory access). What are its uses and why is it good? (saves CPU time, … Continue reading

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Muscle Memory Part II

Intracortical neural interface systems have demonstrated that a tetraplegic human was able to obtain continuous two-dimensional control of a computer cursor using neural activity recorded from his motor cortex. In this paper from 2008, Neural control of computer cursor velocity … Continue reading

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Impedance Matching

While talking with a fellow 6.01┬áTA, I realized that almost all physical systems/phenomena I’ve studied can be described by a combination of impedance matching and feedback. …Ok, feedback is not very surprising, it’s everywhere. But let’s talk about impedance matching. … Continue reading

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