is hard to grasp.

I do not sit on my haunches waiting for the celestial master to drop scraps into my dish. I stalk through the jungle that is life and seek out that which will be mine. Apex-Predator.

I took a small step yesterday and was fitted for my first custom suit. The tailor remarked that it was no wonder that off the rack suits look terrible on me. My build does not allow for it. This confirmed my own belief that I was not blessed to be among the masses. To the pessimist I am delusional. I am simply building a personal mythos.

I wake up each morning with happiness and with purpose. Complaints no longer poison my lips. The world is my chessboard and I am on my way towards attaining Grand Master. Your daughters may be future lovers.

You must ask yourself a simple question: where are you heading.
Where do you wish to be. Producer. Cancer researcher.
Where are you going.
If you know, do you speak with conviction or are you simply paying lip service.

Do you stand at your desk boggled by all the troubles life smothers you or do you recognize that life does not know your name, face, or dreams. Do you understand that life is indifferent to you.

Kindness and Cruelty are things that humans impart onto other humans. Life does not target you. Memento Mori.

As humans, dear readers we are made up of star dust. We are built from the remnants of celestial balls of fire, the stars. From our birth we are designed to be great; very few of us take up the call. Goes to Voicemail.

We allow the haters to corrupt our desires and trust in self.  Kobayashi Maru.
Doubts naturally creep into our psyche for doubts are part of our ancestral self-preservation instincts.

You can only overcome those doubts if you know your heading. Warp Speed Mr. Sulu.


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