IM Tibia Rod Recovery

Went to the orthopedics surgeon today to talk about removing my IM Tibia rod from almost a year ago. He suggested there’s no reason to do it unless I absolutely cannot live without it for fear of complications due to anesthesia, infection, etc…which is unexpected and conflicts with what I heard from other surgeons I saw…time to seek third opinions.

Regardless, I decided to piece together a timeline of my recovery. I know I’ve searched many pages for things like this:

~2 weeks post-op: Started to regain range of motion in ankle and knee

~1 month post-op: Very slight weight bearing for brief moments

~2 month post-op: Leg got strong enough to trade two crutches for a single cane

~4 months post-op: Can walk independently slowly. A crippling still present.

~5 months post-op: Started to do squats, leg started gaining more strength. The joints still get sore very easily.

~6 months: Able to bike again.

~8 months post-op: Can jog asymmetrically for 10-20 seconds.

~10 months post-op: Able to jump 70% pre-injury.


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