I’m now metal free!!!

I got all my rod and screws and everything removed roughly 3 weeks ago. Now I’m completely metal free (including the post-op staples!), for the first time in more than a year!

For those who are wondering if they should have the hardware removed, if you’re young and active, I HIGHLY recommend it! The 1.5 months leading to the surgery, I’ve been running again. But no matter how much I try to ignore, the points below the knee always feel huge impact when I land on my feet. Doc attributed it to the scar tissue. But now, three weeks later, I can already hop on 1 foot, with that dull impact beneath my knee pretty much gone.

Post-op, it took roughly 2 weeks for most of the swelling/numbing/painkiller-induced-sleep to go away. Now I just have some jagged scars (bitches love scars!) healing, really really stiff knee, and ligaments healing. It’s crucial to start getting around ASAP, to speed along the range of motion recovery, and reduce the amount of scar tissue.

In terms of muscles, my right leg is back down to pathetic. The week before surgery I was squatting 295lb, now I can barely squat the bar. Measurements wise, my right thigh which used to be bigger than my left, is now 2 inches smaller…which is crazy, as the dont cut out muscles or anything.

3 more weeks to bboy shape!


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